Our collaborative coaches ,mentors and partners :

Have a track record in professional and executive roles.

Work exclusively with the ‘high-flyers’ or with those who have potential to be a high flyer.

Offer total confidentiality.

Work with potential ‘captains of industry’ and high profile business leaders or athletes.

Tasos Stamatakis

With my background to brands cinematography, multimedia, music and performing arts I bring my knowledge and ideas on the table from a different point of view.

Niki Romanaki

I am the one who needs to interpret all the feelings, needs, principles and lifestyle trends and transform them into useful information for successful branding. I have studied psychology and human resource managent and I was trained to be a family psychotherapist. 

Nikos Rakkas

Μy expertise is in Window Design & Visual Merchandising.

Currently "Head of Visual Merchandising & Window designer" for Attica department stores in Thessaloniki with long experience in the high end fashion market for L.Gavalas, Burberry and DSQUARED stores.

I transmit my 20 years experience and knowledge as a Guest Lecturer / Tutor at Pansik Fashion school in Thessaloniki and through VM workshops.

Giorgos Dagleris

My mission is to help businesses achieve their goal by organising and training their human resources.

I want to transmit my enthusiasm and  long experience gained from my 25 years career in the industry of FMCG and accordingly 10 years in the industry of Tourism, both  for Greek and Multinational companies. As a professional trainer in the filed of sales  I transmit my knowledge through more than 15.000 hours of delivering training services.

MIchalis Serpetsidakis

Michalis is the leader of the lab. For the last ten years he has been into digital media as a publisher  but as a restless spirit he found his job inspo in branding.

In whatever he is involved he is enthusiastic and searching for ways to improve his clients' results.

Whenever he is not working he is out in the open, enjoying the Cretan nature with his family.

Panos Makedon

Brand developer, entrepreneur, 

start-up mentor and active angel investor. 

With 30 years of international experience in designing, branding, user experience and market channels, i specialise in up scale products development and launching them to the market.

Dr Michael Katharakis

Success is about effective innovation. Innovation is the art of changing and after all, about humans and systems. It's always a challenge how to successfully introduce innovation in a system. Innovation, change and challenges are my favourite areas. Based upon a long experience, developing the suitable tools, educating or engineering, we deliver.

Maria Korfia

I'm responsible for  every project from head to toe, from discovery to management. This means I have to do with every aspect of the project and express myself is all stages. My experience in business, media and the fashion industry is brought into branding. What I enjoy more about my work is the combination of creativity with business.

Team energy is my fuel.

Iraklis Lefousis

As an architect my point of view is expressed in visible and tangible ways. 

I specialize in providing strategic services that can set an appropriate direction 

for an innovation effort or catalyze creativity within an organization. 

My services address all the phases of development from concept, 

architecture and design generation through final project management.


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