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Most tend to call us
Consultants, Advisors or Mentors

We prefer to exist and act as
 Business Developers, Doers

Millennials who act

We support young entrepreneurs who have the grit to make their idea come into life by offering guidance, network support and the right tools to fuel their business growth.

Gen-Xers in Leadership Transition

We develop business thinking and entrepreneurial mindset allowing the future leaders to guide their businesses successfully in the revamped digital space.

Baby Boomers adapting in Tech

We partner with forward thinkers who built the previous generation's businesses that are still hungry to learn and welcome digital transformation efforts.


In collaboration with local business owners we develop initiatives to


Maximize Business

Setting together what success looks like we are introducing objectives and key results to things that matter aligning everyone involved with the organization's business goals.


Styles of Work

Helping organizations to collaborate, work smarter by integrating tools and platforms to maker everyone's life less complicated. Supporting the transition from the "old way" to the new tech-enabled hybrid working lifestyle.  



Internal & External


Supporting organizations to map out internal communication flows and customer touch points creating a consistent and pleasant experience to everyone involved.


What they say

Nikos Sylligardos | Co-Founder at Sylligardos Co

"Working with Anageno was an extraordinary experience. Realized with our own eyes the real essence of "Branding", what it means and what is the right approach. Our focus was turned on ourselves, exploring the most efficient ways to communicate our brand identity to any external stakeholder. We managed to match our company's mission with our clients' expectations leading to rapid and actual revenue results.
Thank you Anageno!"

Evolve Together
Nomad Desert

Business Goal

Route Planner

Helping local businesses navigate through the rapid-changing digital space starting by your business model mapping & evaluation.

Digital Nomad


Design Projects

Solutions designed to meet custom needs aligned with your business goals and objectives. 

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Tel: +30 2810 22 5330

Currently based at
Trifitsou 44 71201 Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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